Dying My Hair Lavender / Purple

Overall, I've been wanting over the past couple years i've been wanting and impatiently waiting to get back to a wardrobe / appearance I feel most comfortable in. For those reading don't know me quite well yet, most of the scene I've enjoyed over the years is the alternative scene. I'm an avid lover of various aesthetic ranging from pastel goth, classic goth, rocker, skater, and much more. 

Now, you're probably wondering why I've said "I want to get back to he wardrobe / appearance I feel personally comfortable in."  The answer is plain and simple, I had to go to school and get a 'real job' like all the other normal adults in the wide open planet. However I've come to realize more and more, of being sucked into the idea of pleasing people and working a routine job that doesn't make me happy. Why should I sacrifice my happiness? Why for anything in world, should I have to "give up" what give me life? 

The bland answer could be "well you like a roof over your head don't you?" Of course I do, however if being miserable for the next 30+ years is the result of it; why not have the lifestyle I love and work a job I enjoy with the added bonus of being paid. So, that brings us back to current time period over the years I've gotten a few piercings done and etc; but i'm still not quite at my goal yet. 

Here's a tip I should've learned YEARS ago, STOP WAITING. Just get up, and even if it's something small that makes you feel better DO IT. I know that sounds harsh, and tough to some but at least for me it took growing up a little more to realize, you don't need to please anyone but yourself. 

Anyways, back to hair dye, so over the past week i've been taking trips to the hair store and 'Sallys Beauty Supply' for hair lightener, and lavender hair dye. For me i've always wanted a rich purple weather it's light or darker (lighter preferred), and I said SCREW IT. Hair can grow back, you can always redye it back to dark brown if I wanted or if needed the journey of the 'big chop'.

In saying that I decided to record my hair dying to share with anyone who feels they're in the same direction or maybe you, yourself needs that extra inspirational shove to get you started. 
Disclaimer: I did however forget to film the lightning process and my color-strand testing, however here's the result when adding the full lavender dye. xo

Check out it out below.....

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