Maybelline Better Skin Powder Foundation: A Review

Maybelline Better Skin Powder Foundation: A Review

Hello, Hello today I have a small review for everyone. Mostly because I always try a product for a few weeks just to see how it works out well with my skin. Also, sometimes get a product and end up using my other foundations by habit first before the new ones. Anyway, enough about my drifting mind, let's talk about this product Maybelline Better Skin powder Foundation....

Now, i'm a female with oily / combination skin especially in the summer months. Which considering where I live add makeup with humidity and you will use an entire bottle of matte finish on your face, in almost 3 weeks. Below is my usual garb of products I use in the summer alongside my Better Skin Powder, Anyone who knows me, knows I keep reviews simple and straight to the point. You can watch my Swatch + Pros & Cons review of it below or skip to the next section where it list all of them in one swoop.


Of course to be fair i'll list the pros and cons, (although I had only one). 

  • Oil free & didn't cause any extra breakouts. This was a big one for me having oily / random zit prone skin it was heavenly to know that no extra breakouts occurred.
  • The only oil breakthrough I had throughout the day was in my T-Zone after 8 - 9 ours of running around all day. 
  • The Pricing. While this did come courtesy of Influenster & Maybelline, it retails normally for about $10.99 so when I finish this off i'll definitely be picking up another. 
  • Packaging. Sometimes wit powder you can run into alot of of product but a small pan size. This has both, which is perfect since touch-ups need to happen often to me during work or a photoshoot. 
  • Full-Medium coverage along with being easy to layer. 
  • Blending is SENSATIONAL. 

  • A dull / flat finish. Now, while this is mainly due to my personal preference of liking more bright and eye-catching finishes it still fell very dull. Until I add a small bit of highlight to the top of my cheeks. 

All in all in my opinion this was a really lovely and lightweight foundation. It held up through my event, which involved being out for about 8+ hours, without the ability to touch up often. Along with being a great product to layer with during an impromptu photo-shoot that was held afterwards. I say, when this product launches (or if you're reading this later has launched), definitely grab yourself the powder formula of this. 

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