Self Procrastination

I know, it's been a couple months, maybe a year at this point who really actually knows in the long run. But, at this current point and time, I've finally decided to crawl out of my whole. Open, my laptop, phone, crank up my playlist and get to harming out some words. I've had a lot of unexpected ups and downs over the past couple of months. However, I've gotten to hash out some things about myself; as well as, work through the innermost complications otherwise known as adulting. 

But anyway, of enough of the melancholy, I've mostly come to provide some well-deserved updates, thought processes and the latter. Over the last month, I've been planning sort of  "rebranding" myself in a way. Mostly in the forms on what I post, how I post, and what I would like to share. I've always loved the online culture, and the community meeting people through the good old interwebs can be. 

Now, if you're not all caught up with me on the personal side, here are a few key points before we dive right in. For various reasons, I used to own two separately named online "identities" if you wanna call them that. The main reasoning for having them separated was one was a bit more..... adult than the other if you catch my drift. Now.... before I let you spiral in the deep end. I promise it's not a complete 360 to who I actually am. But, the reason why I've been combing them all to look like the backup account is, if you know me. I hate having extra clutter and having the manage two different usernames and logins and etc. Was not only entirely draining but, I felt like I was hiding something about myself, that honestly, I was only hiding out of fear what people would think of this "second side" of how I live my life. Or in a sense... how I do certain things. 

That being said, going forth everything I post might seem a bit mix-matched. But, considering I'm big on actually being true to myself and living my whole and final truth. I think you'll come to enjoy the content that's actually to come. That being said, I'm full of random twist and turns that always en dup being either goofy, thoughtful, artsy, or just plain random. 

So, being that we're here, this is mostly just a piece in hoping that you're ready for the journey that I'm coming into. And, hopefully you'll bear with me, even though what may seem like drastic changes throughout this current flow of my life. 

Let's get this ball rolling shall we.