Job Searching

Job Searching: (The Neverending Loop)

Sigh, here comes a little bit of a stressful topic.  Regular 9-5 i'm miserable half the time, Jobs. See, my problem with  these regular jobs is not getting interviews however seeming to score the actual position of getting complete hired. I often have these questions for myself every single time: "Did I not smile enough?", "Was I smiling too much?", "Are my eyes wandering too often?", "Do my eyes not randomly look away for one second, not often enough?". 

Now, yes i designs some things, take photos of things, and have photos of me for things. However, don't we all seek something we feel is more stable in the background? Hear me out before you think i'm getting too sappy. Being someone who specifically want something creative completely sucks your souls out. Your first thought always is, I want to be happy with my job. The second thought, (after going on 5 interviews and seemingly failing), is this: "Maybe I will have to sacrifice my happiness for a while just to get my goals further off the ground.

The problem? I DON'T want to ever do that. So, here comes the other stack of problems. Wanting people to take your seriously, while making them understand it's not exactly a cakewalk to find jobs anymore. 

Hell, if people simply realized how much of day is spent trying to figure out "How much can I make today?" along with "Am I going to make enough sales to do that event this weekend?" Well... Maybe, just maybe they'd understand. 

Take a frustrated breathing and then, add the fact that i'm mostly a private person. Hear my our again,  (you'll hear this phrase alot here).... It's not that I don't love to share accomplishments. I love sharing something when I finally feel like it's put together. What I don't like, is people begging me to tell them something; but all the while I don't feel like anything i've worked on it up to my own standard of "completion".

Story of a creative individuals life right? I could add more but i'm sure i'm talked in enough circles for today. 

I know one day things will pan out probably but jeeze, it feels like it'll take 100+ years currently. Millennial problems I suppose, yea? Good news however, I have gotten hired for a few scheduled design projects lately. Cross your fingers for me guys, thank you kindly. xo

Till Next Time, 


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