A 2020 To Remember... So Far...

While visiting some family this past week, and as we went for a morning walk I've been pondering a few things (yet again). as well as, something about the full circle that 2019 was, the way this year are already been pushing forward, for me personally. Has a much different tone to it than years before. This is quite the impulse post so I'll explain...

2020 seems like it's going to be such a different year. I know, I know everyone has pretty much been saying the exact same thing with it being the first year of the month. However, hear me out. Something about this year and honestly the feeling of the next 5 years, has this very ominous yet amazing feeling. Moreso in terms of more self-growth, self-realization, decent or even possibly amazing future life choices, and everything in between. 

Now, I'm not one to talk much about personal beliefs in spirituality; but something about the last 4 months of my personal life has been so much more eye-opening than I've noticed in the past. There's been many personal life choices that have to lead to changes, that fully and completely have full circled themselves in the strangest of ways. 

While not to delve too much into specifics, it's also had to do with the environment; and realizing how much an environment that you either have to spend alot of time in. Or for purposes like work/family gatherings can really affect mindset, motivation, and even how you process the simplest of emotions. Thinking of all of that now while writing this, it's made me realize all the drafts I've posted to this blog since. Mostly due to needing to change the names in stories and etc. I shouldn't feel bad about posting, even though in some of them I, myself am not making the perfect life decisions in the story. 

The point for this piece being, (if you've made it this far), don't be afraid to make changes, apologies, forget, distance yourself, or whatever life decision will help you feel at your best. Not just right now, but any point in the future. Whether that is 5 years from now, 10 years, 10 mins, or even 5 seconds if you're impulsive. 

Till the next impulse of writing 

 - Zarah

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